Péter and William (Bill) Scharek
                      invite you
  to participate on the 4th International Meeting
                              of Scharek Family

Proposed time: August 24, 2001
Place: Castrum Panzio
H-9494 Sopron-Balf (Hungary)
telefon: (36 1) 405 2679
fax:        (36 1) 405 6339
Email: Péter scharek@drotposta.hu   or  Bill sharky@coastalnet.com
URL: http://www.hotels.hu/kurpension_castrum_balf

Invited branches: USA (NC), Austria, Germany, Hungary, Australia

1st in Budapest (Hungary) July, 1998  (photos)

2nd in New Bern (North Carolina) August, 1999

3rd in Mexico City (Mexico) March, 2000